Thursday, October 23, 2008

Windows Vista

I fought upgrading to Vista from XP, because, frankly, I believed all the bad news. However, there came the day that I had to get a laptop with a larger hard drive, and nothing was available except for Vista SP1.

Well, either there weren't any real problems to begin with, or they've all been fixed in SP1. I LOVE VISTA!! No ... really, I love the stability of the OS, and I love the look of it. So, I am one very happy camper.

My motherboard chose to die the other day. Maybe "chose" is the wrong word, but it's certainly deader than your average doornail. Since I am going to need to replace it, I will also likely spring for a new boot drive for that computer as well. That's a good excuse to put Vista on that machine as well.

Now, as I watch the current spate of Windows bashing Apple ads, I still find them sort of funny, but I no longer believe any of them are based on anything except wishful thinking on the part of the Apple marketing team. Which is a lesson that I need to relearn every once in a while ... don't believe everything you (1) read, (2) see, or (3) hear, especially not when the goal of the person behind what you are reading, seeing, or hearing is to SELL you something.

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