Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sarah Palin's Qualifications as an Astronaut

Sometimes I simply have to wander over to see what's new at LOLcats. Oh, I might as well admit it, I go slavishly every day. Most of the time I stick with the seriously funny cat and dog ("kitteh and goggie") photos.

However, today I saw a photo of Sarah Palin with a caption that made me laugh so hard, my Welch's grape soda shot out of my nose.

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
see Sarah Palin pictures

I might have voted for McCain, had he chosen anyone even remotely qualified as his running mate. I cannot in good conscience vote for someone who thinks that Sarah Palin would make a viable Vice President, and (perish the thought) President.

So, I will be voting the Obama/Biden ticket this year. I've thought of myself as a Republican since I was in elementary school, but as the Republican Party has alligned itself, more and more strongly, with the religious right, they have pushed non-Christians such as myself farther and farther away. This will be the third election that I will have voted Democrat. I'm starting to wonder if, during my lifetime, the Republicans will ever field a team that isn't politically to the far right of Adoph Hitler and with all the religious sensitivity of the Spanish Inquisition.

It's probably too much to ask.

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