Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just When I Thought A Dog Didn't Understand ...

My neighbors have a dog. Her name is Daisy. Daisy and I have what I would call an "understanding." I can come into the house, but I am not allowed to leave .... ever.

If I try to leave, then Daisy bites me. Hard. Hard enough to actually draw blood. Since that hurts, but there are times I really need to go into the house (and leave again, I do have my own dogs and cats to look after), her primary human and I now have a drill that we go through when I decide I need to leave.

Step one, MaMaw (that's Louise Moon's nickname) calls Daisy over to her.

Step two, MaMaw grabs onto Daisy's collar and holds her.

Step three, I zip out the door while Daisy barks, and strains at the collar.

Step four, MaMaw releases Daisy once I am outside with the door closed and ...

Step five, Daisy slams into the door.

When I say that there are times I need to go to Daisy's house I mean that when MaMaw's son and daughter in law (both of whom are good friends) have to go somewhere, I sort of look after MaMaw. I pick up the mail. I take out the trash. I pick up the Daisy poops in the yard. And, mind you, when I'm in the house, Daisy is generally lying at my feet, or on her back asking for tummy rubs.

It's just when I try to leave that the dramatics begin.

So, today, I was sitting talking to MaMaw (having brought in the mail), and I decided it was time to leave. Daisy was at my feet, just lying there with her eyes closed. As a joke, I looked at Daisy and said "Daisy, would you mind terribly getting up and going over to MaMaw so that she can hold your collar and keep you from tearing me limb from limb?"

To my surprise, Daisy opened her eyes, slowly got up, and walked over to where MaMaw was sitting, and then assumed the appropriate position (with her collar just under MaMaw's hand ... an easy grab). I just wasn't expecting that .... it's not every day that a dog appears to understand every word in a rather complex sentence.

And, then there's the rest of our understanding. As usual, thanks only to MaMaw's steady grip, I managed to get out of the house without shedding any blood.

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