Sunday, December 28, 2008


Having discovered Evernote, I have now abandoned all of my Microsoft Office 2007 applications, with the sole exception of Excel.

The Calendar function was taken over by Google Calendar (so much better, and it allows me to maintain multiple calendars).

I never liked Word in the first place, and still use Wordperfect (which I realize is not to everyone's taste, but I love the control it gives me with respect to formatting).

Outlook email and contacts also went over to Google. Outlook never had a good sync function, and it was to put it bluntly, a pain in the ass trying to keep multiple computers synced up.

Now, OneNote is history for me. I have found Evernote, and I am happy (happy, happy, HAPPY!).

Evernote does one thing, amazingly well. It allows you to organize and refer to your notes (including typed noted, handwritten notes, web links, images, files) across any number of computers and even your smart phone, effortlessly.

I started with the free account which, while somewhat limited, still allows the user to get addicted. Oh, so very addicted. As of this writing, I have purchased a "premium" account, allowing me to attached any type of file (under 25MB) to a note, and to upload 500MB of data each month (with a new 500MB allowed the next month, and the next).

My Livescribe pen (discussed in an earlier post) works with Evernote, not natively, but all I have to do is print to PDF and then drag the PDF file into a new note. Bingo. Done. A single page of Livescribe notes is only 120KB, so I could easily print 20 pages of notes into a single Evernote note. Is that not great?? Clearly, I must think so, or I would not be writing any of this.

Even better, using my iPhone (or any email enabled smart phone) I can bring up the mobile version of Evernote and email any note (including those 20 pages of notes, or that PDF document), to someone who needs it .... from .... my .... phone!!

At $45 a year, Evernote is very reasonably priced, especially when you consider that OneNote costs about that much, and you'll have to pay for an upgrade eventually, and it doesn't have half the features or any of the mobile functionality.

Oh, and did I mention, you can very easily import all of your old OneNote notes into Evernote?? But, I bet you had already figured that out. So, witness the birth of an Evernote Evangelist!!

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