Thursday, November 13, 2008

I have begun a rather daunting project of organizing my home, which means my office, shop and home since they are all located at the same address.

One of the things that was making this a little difficult for me was that I was trying to use rooms in the house in a manner that had been predetermined for me by the builder. If the builder had put a toilet, sink and shower in a room, then it must be a bathroom, right? I should therefore use it as a bathroom, right? Wrong.

What I needed on my second floor was a utility room/closet. Not two bathrooms. I've got four bathrooms in this house. Why would a person living alone need four bathrooms?? The guest room has a bathroom connected to it, the master bedroom has a bathroom connected to it, and there is a small bathroom just off the entry. That alone is more than I need. So, the additional bathroom upstairs is about to be re-purposed into the utility room I really need.

I also ran across an article (in another blog that I intend to start reading on a regular basis). I share it with you now: How to Organize Mental Clutter. I plan to start putting these ideas into practice tonight.

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